Audio & Electronics

Professional Audio & Video Systems

At HEC, we are your one-stop shop for audio video systems design and integration, meaning we will carry your project through from start to finish. And we promise: no cookie cutter projects. Everything is completely custom to meet your needs and your budget.

Our tested, proven, proprietary process for audio visual systems installation was created with efficiency and professionalism in mind. We pride ourselves on finishing on time and within the budget of every customer whenever possible. When you let us design, install, and manage your project, you will know that every component is placed correctly, cable runs are neat and efficient, and your venue will look better than ever when we leave.

Our services include installation of home theaters and surround systems, high definition TVs, projectors and film screens, whole house audio (indoor/outdoor) and universal remote control and programming.

Digital Signage

Bright and beautiful signs that help your business stand out on a busy street or in a shopping mall through the display of custom messages in any audiovisual format you wish, integrating with third-party services.