Cloud Hosted PBX Systems

If your business needs a phone solution, a cloud-based PBX system might be what you’re looking for. Since Cloud PBX is low-cost and easy to use, it has quickly become one of the most popular business phone systems on the market.

What is Cloud PBX?

A private branch exchange system, or PBX system, is a telephony network that is accessed entirely through the internet. PBX systems allow you to easily communicate within and outside of your business. These business phone systems also offer additional services that residential and cell phones don’t offer, such as:

  • Call conferencing
  • Extension dialing
  • Business hour settings
  • Customer waiting queues
  • Hold music

Cloud PBX, also called hosted PBX or virtual PBX, is a little bit different than PBX phone systems of the past. With older PBX systems, businesses used to have to purchase expensive PBX hardware and set it all up. Cloud PBX still uses the same technology, but it’s all hosted off-site and accessed completely through the internet, passing the savings on to you.

How does Cloud PBX work?

Since Cloud PBX is an internet based phone system, your handset will plug into a regular internet router, and all calls and other features are processed off site by your Cloud PBX provider. PBX routes all incoming calls, allowing you to utilize all of your PBX system’s communication features.

Audio & Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing makes face-to-face meetings with long distance clients or employees simple, allowing for real-time audio and video transmission. With integration into your PBX system, video conferencing can allow for additional collaboration tools like screen sharing, remote computer control, virtual whiteboards, and presentations. Some audio and video conferencing systems allow for communication to happen through an internet browser, meaning that you don’t need the other party to have a specific video conferencing app like Zoom or Skype. This way, neither you nor your clients have to deal with the frustration of setting up a video conference call.

HEC can provide your organization with enterprise-grade audio and video conferencing platforms that deliver rich content sharing and universal interoperability by enabling anyone to join a meeting via their PC, mobile phone or video room systems.

Chat, Meetings, & Collaboration

Improve efficiency inside your organization with team chat and messaging. We also provide document collaboration services which allows multiple people to work within a single document. Few documents, presentations, reports and spreadsheets are created by a single person so having the tools to collaborate is important. We can provide the right tools to help improve your internal document creation workflow.