Cloud Hosted PBX Systems

Our hosted PBX systems exist totally within the cloud. This helps mitigate inaccessibility issues that can leave your business in the dark during a power or internet outage. Without the limitations of the physical technology of an older, on-site PBX, hosted PBX systems can be customized to match a business’ needs and scale with its growth. Hosted PBX customers don’t need to buy, install, or maintain any PBX equipment. Cloud-hosted PBX systems provide greater features than what is typically available with an on-premise solution.

Audio & Video Conferencing

We can provide your organization with enterprise-grade audio and video conferencing platforms that deliver rich content sharing and universal interoperability by enabling anyone to join a meeting via their PC, mobile phone or video room systems.

Chat, Meetings, & Collaboration

Improve efficiency inside your organization with team chat and messaging. We also provide document collaboration services which allows multiple people to work within a single document. Few documents, presentations, reports and spreadsheets are created by a single person so having the tools to collaborate is important. We can provide the right tools to help improve your internal document creation workflow.